Friday, December 30, 2011

Year in Review

 Chinese New Year Celebration
 Dream Big (First class I taught at Paper Crown.)
 She Art Online Workshop with Christy Tomlinson
 La Paloma - 2nd class I taught at Paper Crown
 Choices were made
 Spring Glitter Market
 Dancing in the Summer Sun
 Another class I taught ( I can't remember the name of this one.)
 and another
 There were 1st pedicures
 Wineries (where I pretended I was in France)
 Dressing up and more dancing
 First curls
 Fall canvas class
 Class I took from the amazing Joni of Mrs. O'leary's
 and another
 Tea parties in enchanted forests
 New couch that was long overdue 
 Transfer class I taught
 Painting I did for my bathroom that I thought I would never redo
 Restoring my soul
 Walking in memory of an amazing woman 
 Experimenting with pan pastels while sitting with my mother-in-law who has now recovered from a very  serious car accident.
Birthday with an ice cream cake
 A baby born that caused the world to stop for a little while 
Ice cream eaten 
 An artist emerges
 Prayers were answered
 Fairy wings
 Pumpkin picking
 3 Princesses and a baby
Walks taken with friends
Oh Christmas Tree
A Partridge in a Pear Tree
Fall Glitter Market

Giving thanks

Blue Princess Party

Making a Wish

Doing it anyway!


Looking back on this year almost left me breathless. So many wonderful memories and experiences with many more left unmentioned. I am thankful and humbled. I can't wait for 2012. Happy New Year!