Wednesday, September 14, 2011

She did it Anyway.

I love that little saying. I have been doing an online workshop called Soul Restoration with Melody Ross and although I haven't had the time yet to get as deep into the whole process as I intend to I can tell you that I think it is something every woman could benefit from. We are all so similar. Everyone has their own hang ups and fears, but deep down I believe we just all want to feel worthy. Worthy of being loved and we are. We all are. We are human and we all make mistakes and we beat ourselves up so much. Who needs enemies when our worst one lives within us. We put limitations on ourselves, labels and such. I plan on doing the work to free myself from such. I deserve to be loved and to be happy. We all do. Go to and check it out.


Why do I struggle every year when it starts turning fall? It doesn't make sense. The summer this year was brutal at best and yet something happens in my brain when it starts turning colder and the feel of Fall is in the air. I just knew it wouldn't bother me this year, but here I am once again in this funk dreading the colder weather. I cannot recall any type of trauma inflicted on me this time of year, so why? My Dad died in the summer, my sister in the winter and my Mom in the Spring. This is really the only time of year I haven't experienced a major loss. Why does contentment seem so far away at times? Why does it seem like there is this giant gaping hole in me that I am constantly trying to fill with stuff? I know this will pass. It always does. I know I have so much to be thankful for.