Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day

While shopping at Target last night I saw several people huddled over the card isle and it took me a moment to realize they were buying Mother's Day cards. This is the 4th Mother's Day that I have not had the honor of searching for just the right card. My Mom always displayed her cards proudly. I often thought whoever bought the biggest, most ornate card must surely be the winner. I mean who wants to have purchased the tiny 3 by 5 card that the 9 by 12 card was casting a shadow upon. This makes me laugh a little which is good. My Mom was an amazing woman. She was always cooking and cleaning. It was obvious her family came first. She took me to church when I was young and then forced me to go when I was a teenager. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to tell her what a good Mom she was not long before she left this earth and I will always cherish what she said to me one day while she was in the hospital. She said "I am so glad you're here," and I asked "Why?" She then said "Because you make me happy." What better memory could she have left me with. I made her happy. What a blessing to have had her as my Mom. If your Mom is still here please tell her how much you love her and for all the Mom's out there tell your children what they mean to you. If my son is reading this I want you to know how very happy you have always made me. I am so proud to be your Mom. My daughter is only 2 so I will now whisper it in her ear while she sleeps.

P.S. Mom, I love you the most.

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  1. What a touching post. I had to get my Kleenex out for this one...Happy Mother's Day Medeah, you totally deserve it. :)